Hey there! I’m Rachelle – The Old School Mom. I’m a wife and a mother with a love for learning. My goal is to help families learn how to save time and money on real food, natural remedies, DIY natural makeup, and household cleaners.

I love asking questions, finding answers, asking more questions, and finding more answers. New discoveries are made everyday, and I love seeing the pieces come together.

I love wine. And cheese. If you want me to come to your party, just tell me you have wine. I’m so there.

I love creating things. And with how crazy busy life can be, I often find it hard to justify making time to paint, draw, or play my viola. But everyone’s gotta eat! So cooking and baking have become my creative outlet – because it turns an unavoidable chore into a something that I truly enjoy.

I love finding those fancy, gourmet, and ridiculously complicated [but out-of-this-world delicious] recipes that no one has time for – and then I make them easy so I can make them often.

I love real food. But I didn’t always. I was pretty much been forced into a real food diet when I was diagnosed with celiac disease (an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten) in 2008. Most processed food, prepackaged meals, and fast food either involve gluten, or they are pretty cost-prohibitive to eat on a regular basis. While I am required to follow a gluten free diet 100% of the time, I’m not too worried about the occasional deviation from a real food diet. Keeping it occasional is what’s important to me, and what makes it a livable, long term solution. So if you invite me over to your house and offer me junk food, I won’t turn my nose up at you – I’ll dig in with a big, five-year-old grin. 🙂

I love saving money. Maybe it’s just the business major in me – but come on. Who doesn’t love saving money? What we don’t like is giving up the convenience of buying what we want when we want it. But saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it just involves making a few tough decisions and forming a few good habits. But the payoff is so worth it. My husband and I only had a about 1 or 2 thousand dollars (max) to our name when we started out. The first year we were married, we made less than 50K in *combined* income. But we decided early on that we would only live on half of our income, and split the other half between savings and student loans. About three years after we were married, we had paid off about 52k in student loans. And when I got pregnant that year, we were able to look at our budget and confidently make the decision that I could stay at home with our daughter. We knew it would be tight, and we were prepared to give up a few more things if it came down to it, but we knew we could do it. And we are doing just fine!

I’m a homestead dreamer. While I don’t even have a backyard at the moment, someday my husband and I hope to own a little acreage of our own. In the meantime, I’m working on teaching myself a few basic skills that will come in handy when we do have a homestead so I can hit the ground running.

I love discovering time-honored traditions. Not all traditions have proven to be good or helpful over the years, but some wonderful ones have been forgotten by most of us, and discovering these has become a love of mine.